Welcome to Honeycomb Houses

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We are aware that some users are having difficulties with the calendar system. If you are, please click here to book.

Welcome to Honeycomb Houses

We’re delighted you dropped in. You probably want to know a little more about us, right?

Well, we’re a family-run business born and bred from our parent company, Brakspear, which came to life all the way back in 1779. It was nineteen-year-old Robert Brakspear who founded the company. He ran a pub in Witney called the Cross Keys, and it was here that Brakspear Bitter was born (now known as Gravity). It wasn’t long before many local people were enjoying Brakspear Bitter, so young Robert moved the brewery to Bell Street, Henley on Thames. It was from here that Brakspear’s rich history really started to take shape…but that’s a story for another day.

At Honeycomb Houses, our British heritage underpins every House, nurturing each into the 21st century with our distinctly playful nature.

Honeycomb Houses was officially launched in May 2021, linking each managed pub together – like siblings and family members. We’re not a chain. All of our houses sit as they should, nestled in the towns and villages that surround them, each with their own personality, yet with similar traits that simply run in the family.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, family is important to us and that’s why the future of Honeycomb Houses has plenty of heart. Warm welcomes and making treasured memories are what we’re all about. We want our customers to return again and again, so we can pass our happy houses on to the next generation.

Here at Honeycomb Houses, we’re more than a collection of pubs and inns; we’re a family. Everything we do holds people at its core, from our fantastic team members to every guest that walks through our doors.

We’re all about creating those ‘remember the time’ moments, where the only thing more fun than the experiences are the memories. Our guests deserve the very best! From pints to pubs, The Great British boozer has always been at the helm of the community, the place to put your feet up, cosy up by the fire, and quite simply, call a second home. From then to now, nothing has changed (well, obviously most people have their own heating nowadays) but essentially, Honeycomb Houses will always be the local in the middle of your street.

The aim of our game is simple; providing top-notch homespun tasty food, generously served using the best of British ingredients to create a mouthful to remember. We like to be original and stand out from the crowd so creating signature dishes that scream flavour, finesse, and flair is just what we do. With our signature dishes comes our signature occasions, whether it be Tipples & Tapas on a Tuesday or the Great British Institution that is the mighty roast on a Sunday!

So what do you say? Fancy popping into a Honeycomb House? You won’t be disappointed.

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