The Ultimate Vegan Burger: Moving Mountains

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The Ultimate Vegan Burger: Moving Mountains

Not just a regular veggie burger

The Moving Mountains Burger needs no introduction. Praised by our top chefs, the burger is packed with plant protein and according to the brand ‘irresistible juiciness’. This succulent plant-based Burger will satisfy those meaty cravings and fool even the most committed carnivores.

The Moving Mountains Burger is a plant-based meat alternative to the British beef burger. Made with an all-natural blend of simple yet well-thought-out ingredients, consisting of; mushrooms, wheat, soya, and pea proteins. There’s even added Vitamin B12 to help with daily uptake and for those that believe they are missing out on them if not eating animal meat! It’s a win-win.

Moving Mountains, the brand that started it all, came to life with the founder & CEO Simeon, who had received some bad news from his GP check-up. Simeon’s GP had contacted him to say he had high cholesterol and needed to cut out meat and dairy right away,  or go on statins (a group of medicines that can help lower the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood). Knowing that urgent action was required, Simeon changed his eating habits and lifestyle, but he soon realised that most vegan foods was bland, and lacked flavour. It was from here that Moving Mountains was born. Simeon spent two years in development laboratories with a dedicated team of scientists and chefs to create the ideal tasting product. Hundreds of recipes have been tried and tested to achieve the final result of the burger that’s available for everyone today.

So other than taste, what’s so good about the Moving Mountains Burger? Why is it known as the Ultimate Burger?

  1. Generates less greenhouse gas emissions and requires fewer resources to make (compared to a beef burger of the same weight)
  2. Packed with plant protein, vitamin B12 & natural ingredients
  3. Contains zero cholesterol
  4. 100% plastic-free & recyclable retail packaging
  5. Selling in the frozen section helps reduce food wastage
  6. 100% free of hormones, antibiotics & GMO ingredients
  7. Certified vegan by The Vegan Society

How is the Moving Mountains Burger healthy Well, the Moving Mountains Burger is made from fibrous plants and is free from; Antibiotics, Cholesterol, and Hormones which means it’s a good source of healthy, clean food.

You can find the Moving Mountains Burger in our restaurant on the lunch & dinner menu at the Lion, but also across all the Honeycomb Houses. We serve ours with gem lettuce, tomato, red onions, farmhouse bun, skin-on seasoned fries. If you’d like, we can swap the bun for a gluten-free bun too, (however it is worth noting that the Moving Mountains Burger itself does include wheat and gluten).

Why not pop in to try for yourself and see how good the Moving Mountains Burger really is? Book a table for lunch or dinner and bring you, family, and friends, we promise you it’s a family favorite and a real winner all around!


**Images all Moving Mountain’s own images**

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