Introducing Our Sister Site: The Nag’s Head on Thames

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We are aware that some users are having difficulties with the calendar system. If you are, please click here to book.

Introducing Our Sister Site: The Nag’s Head on Thames

If you didn’t already know, we’re one member of the Honeycomb Houses family – there’s 12 of us all together! Our closest sister site, The Nag’s Head on Thames, situated in Abingdon is a humble enchanting abode.

The Nag’s Head boasts its very own slice of island paradise, in the center of the river Thames. Surrounded by water, and riverside wildlife, the Nag’s Head’s garden is somewhat of tranquil space, until the sun comes out and it’s a booming island of fun and games.

Take to the terrace to enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors. Fancy bringing your hound along? All of the outdoor space is completely pooch-friendly so you don’t have to worry about your four-legged friend missing out on all the fun! Picture yourself sipping an ice-cold pint, sun rays caressing your face, a paddling of ducks drifting past as you unwind on a picturesque island nestled betwixt the gently flowing Thames. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

You couldn’t dream of a better backdrop than dining at the end of our island. An outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven for cooking up delicious homemade pizzas and many other delectable dishes. The island boasts its own bar and has an abundance of seating areas to simmer down in and enjoy the peaceful haven of our Thames retreat. Watch the wildlife run wild in our stunning countryside surroundings and make merry with laughter and libations aplenty.

Inside, the bar holds a wide range of tipples too tempting for any tastebuds to pass up on. Crack open the champers and salute your celebrations in style with the beautiful confines of the dashing bar area as your backdrop. The impressive interiors consist of a cool inviting colour palette emblazoned with vibrant hues of regal blues.

The rustic restaurant is flawlessly furnished with inviting timber tables, vintage boating ornamentation and a pleasing colour palette that peacocks elegance and homely warmth. Get your soiree sailing along smoothly and gather your guests for an unforgettable function in this handsome hire space. Host up to 68 friends and family and throw a get-together no one will ever forget!

The palate-pleasing premises offers up the best that British dining has to offer with sensational seasonal dishes ranging from light bites to stomach filling fare. Dine inside with enticing interiors as well as out on the charming terrace to indulge in delicious gourmet provisions provided by the masterful chefs. From mouth-watering muscles to succulent steaks, alluring appetisers to decadent desserts. The Nag’s Head has pulled out all of the stops with premium provisions to really whet your palate and satiate your appetite. Indulge in fine dining with family and friends within the enticing interiors of our enchanting restaurant.

There’s no sweeter spot than the Nag’s Head to soak up the sun and watch the wildlife with a pint in hand and the promise of a roaring good time. Click here if you want to find out more about our glorious sister site.

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