How To Throw The Ultimate Dinner Party

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How To Throw The Ultimate Dinner Party

It’s no secret that we love to entertain, but what many people don’t know is that we have a secret trick up our sleeves that goes hand in hand with throwing any dinner party.

Dining out in restaurants and pubs is always a joy (although, we might be biased!)- and it can be a special treat for all the family. But throwing your own dinner party is a great way to show what a good host you are, and can certainly help create those ‘remember the time’ moments, where the only thing more fun than the experiences are the memories! Now before we spill our top-secret beans, there are a few checks that every host needs to tick off before their guests arrive. It’s really quite simple, and rather low-cost too. Candles and playlists. See, we told you it was simple?

Candles – scented or not, little or large, candles always make a dinner party feel more intimate and provide a snug, cosy feel to any gathering. From long tapered candles, ideal for candelabras, to tea lights and pillars, you won’t regret lighting a few around your humble abode.

Playlists are crucial to any event, especially dinner parties. Set the mood, the atmosphere, the vibes. What’s your jam? What do your friends like to listen to? Who is your audience? If you’re a music master (and you have time…), try your hand at making your own, or if this really is a last-minute party, pick one of the endless playlists of Spotify, or try our all-time people, pleaser!

So, back to our top-secret party trick. We know you’re desperate to get to the good stuff. Are you sitting comfortably? Well, here we go…

  1. Keep it Simple
    Ah, the simplicity of this statement, almost makes it slightly ironic, right? Keeping things simple goes a long way, and certainly helps if you’re short on time. Tableware, food, drinks, sometimes less really is more. Don’t overcomplicate things, happy host means happy guests!
  2. Glass Half Full
    And we’re not just talking about wine glasses here! Although certainly aim to keep those on the fuller side! It’s all about attitude – glass half full kind of vibes. You know the rest…
  3. Have Heart and Soul
    This one is easy, you’re already throwing a dinner party, so your heart is most likely always in it. Add a bit of soul by incorporating personal touches to your party. Serve your favourite tipple as a pre-drink before the meal. How about sweet treats? Got a bit of a thing for chocolate honeycomb bites? Why not offer those as a petite fours and end the meal with a little something sweet.

Now you know our best kept secrets, lets move onto the main event, the main course. Our process is straight forward: decide on a main course that feels right for the gathering, and the rest of the menu will flow from there. A few important q’s to ask yourself when considering the evenings meal: What’s in season? How many guests do I have? Are there any dietary requirements?

So what’s next? Plated, family-style, or buffet? Well, the choice is yours! How hands-on do you wish to be? If you want to create a more down to earth and causal vibe, consider buffet or family-style – shareable platters and bowls in the centre of the table. And although the word “buffet,” might trigger old memories of an outdated all-you-can-eat situation, there are plenty of moments that certainly call for this kind of setting – Christmas shindigs spring to our minds!

Remember these are just suggestions, and when it comes to parties, rules are meant to be broken! Take what serves you and leave the rest. Good luck & enjoy…

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